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Is ServerBoss easy to setup?


Yes!  ServerBoss is extremely simple to setup. The software is downloaded from our web server. It is a self extracting file that runs our setup.exe program. Install ServerBoss on any one server on your network that can be accessed by all servers that you want to regulate.  No reboot is needed.  After the install is complete, read the brief introduction and installation section of the help file documentation as there are specific and different steps for each ServerBoss Authorization Tool.  Need Help? No Problem. Simply call and ask for ServerBoss Tech Support 703-591-7118, 800-878-0790 or email your questions to

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How do I obtain the product?


You can download a 30 day demo version of the ServerBoss software, which contains all the available features by clicking on the download demo button above and completing the form on the page.

To obtain permanent licenses to use the software, login the the Order System and complete the order form and input your payment information.  If you are paying with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted), then as soon as the credit card is processed, you will be able to activate your permanent license by clicking on the "Activate via Internet" button from within ServerBoss.exe.  Alternate activation procedures are available for servers that are not connected to the Internet.  If you are paying with a check or purchase order, you will receive notification that you can activate your software, once payment has been received.  

The main delivery method for the ServerBoss software will be a download from our server. License documents and invoices are stored on this system under your account.  Invoices are mailed by US Mail.  If needed, we can send a CD to you upon request. 

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Do I need Citrix AND Terminal Server Checking or just one or the other?


In most cases you will need only one or the other.  If all servers that you want to regulate are Citrix servers and the sessions are ICA sessions, then choose Citrix Checking.  If you only use Terminal Servers and RDP sessions (NT4 TSE or Windows 2000)  choose Terminal Server Checking.  If you need to control both ICA and RDP sessions and some servers are Citrix and some servers are Terminal Servers without Citrix choose Terminal Server Checking or both for optimum flexibility. Essentially the only difference is the low level API functions that ServerBoss uses in the various authorization tools. If you have further questions on ServerBoss Feature Sets and what you need to purchase, call us at 703-591-7118 or 800-878-0790 or email us at

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My server doesn't have an internet connection, how do I activate the product?


All licensing is managed in the program.  You are provided with instructions and a website that can alternatively be used to activate your software at your convenience.  You can also call ServerBoss sales at (800) 878-0790 if you are in the United States, (703) 591-7118, if you are outside the United States and have your Customer ID, License ID and password ready and codes generated by ServerBoss.  Your Customer ID and License ID were provided when you ordered your ServerBoss software, they can be found on your software license.  The password is the one you created when you created your account.  You may also email the above information to us with the codes generated by ServerBoss (Alternate Step 3) Activate by Phone button. Make sure you leave the screen up and running while waiting to retrieve your activation codes.  

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Where can I obtain a demo version of ServerBoss?


Under the Product Tab, click on the link for "Download Demo". Fill out and submit the short form and you will be emailed a link to download the software.

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How can I change my license configuration?


If all you have completed is just the order form, but have not yet submitted your payment information, you can click on the button "Review Open Orders and this will display all orders for ServerBoss licenses that have been saved, but not yet paid. You can click on the License ID from this page and you will be redirected back to the order form where you can make your changes and save your new license configuration.

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With what types of servers does Application Checking work?


Currently, Application Checking works with Citrix Servers and Terminal Servers.  When you purchase a base license and you want to purchase application checking, you must pick either MetaFrame/WinFrame Checking or Terminal Server Checking for your included feature set, in order for Application Checking to work.  SBAppChk.exe should work well with any 32-bit executable program. DDE launches are not currently supported.  All shortcuts and file associations should launch the exe program in order to work.  Parameters are supported via association or shortcuts as with any program that supports passed parameters.

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How do I setup logon checking for Citrix Server Farms and Published Apps?


If you want to regulate your logons to a Citrix Farm and make sure that users only use one session and license count, but can run multiple programs make sure users are logging in to an "Application Set".  This way only one logon takes place. If you need to regulate how many times a Published Application can be run by users or groups follow the ServerBoss documentation for Application Checking to use SBAppChk.exe to regulate application sessions..  If you are using NFUSE setup your NFUSE pages and applications first so NFUSE uses the original applications' icons, then follow the ServerBoss directions to implement SBAppChk.exe application checking for those applications. 

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ServerBoss says my demo license has expired or that I have violated the license by moving ServerBoss, what do I do?


If you installed a previous version, then un-installed or if you have moved your ServerBoss installation you will get one of these two messages.  If you get one of these messages we need to re-activate your demo. First logon to the ServerBoss Order system and update your customer information. Then send an email to including the error message that you get and request a free license to either extend your demo or to reset your two paths depending on which message you are getting. In some cases you may need to email your serverboss.lic license file so one we can reset and extend your demo period.  We want to make sure you feel confident that ServerBoss is going to work for you before you purchase, so do not hesitate to request assistance and more demo time.  NOTE: You will NOT be able to get additional demo time or move the software once installed and run by un-installing and re-installing the software. You must contact support for assistance using the instructions above for extensions of demo time and moving software from system to system.

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What happens to users if my ServerBoss server crashes or goes down?


If your ServerBoss server goes down users will be unaffected, however, while the ServerBoss server is down restrictions can not be enforced. This means that programs will run and users will be logged in without any restriction. ServerBoss should be installed on your most reliable server. ServerBoss also supports two different redundant configurations currently. See TECHNICAL SUPPORT CENTER for details.

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