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2007 / 2008 - New 64-bit compatibilty enhancements providing full compatibility with 64-bit Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.
2006 - New features being developed to include auditing, improved security, ServerBoss Remote Office, RDP Server Farms, load balancing, application publishing and more for Windows 2000 Server Farms, Windows 2003 Server farms and MetaFrame XP Server farms.

2005 - SeverBoss now compatible with all current versions of Windows Server 2003 and XP.

April 2004 - ServerBoss 7.3 private release with new SBTerminator module that allows administrators to logoff sessions based on which application is in use to create maintenance windows, etc.

May 2003 - ServerBoss 7 added a major new feature set: LAN Workstation Checking! - Now you are able to control LAN Workstation logons not only based on server sessions, but also control access by Workstation sessions.


July 2002 - ServerBoss 6 is released! - The fastest and most accurate version yet. See version 6 enhancements.


In 2001 we released the all new ServerBoss version 5 Authorization Tools expanding to including application metering, LAN Server Session,  RAS and RADIUS session control in addition to ICA and RDP logon restrictions.


In 2000 we released Version 4.02 - New licensing policy (member servers only). Install only once on any shared folder location to manage and restrict any number of servers on the network segment! Includes enhanced support for Server Farms. Fully Y2K Compliant. Runs on all versions of WinFrame, Windows NT, Windows NT Terminal Server with or without MetaFrame and even runs on Windows 2000 Server with or without MetaFrame 1.8. Runs from any shared folder location to regulate RDP and ICA sessions.  You may customize the message displayed to users that exceed there number of logons. You may set the time to auto-logoff after user receives message. No Client installation requirements whatsoever! 


In late 1999 we released LogCheck2000 TM , Supported server farms and was Fast, Reliable, Inexpensive and Easy to use.
LogCheck2000 allows you to limit concurrent WinFrame or MetaFrame ICA Sessions or Windows NT Terminal Server RDP and Windows 2000 Server RDP Terminal Sessions to one or more per user account. You can control and choose which users and servers are subject to the login limitations. This is useful in cases where you don't want users to inadvertently take up extra sessions, corrupt profiles or databases, or where you provide "paid for" access and don't want a user to be able to use their Citrix user account multiple times concurrently. Restriction is placed on only the user accounts that you desire for only the servers you desire and license.


In 1999 features were added to support Citrix WinFrame, Citrix MetaFrame, Microsoft Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. Limit or restrict concurrent logons or logins to your Citrix ICA and RDP Terminal Server connections. You set how many concurrent logons per user account! Completely server based solution for maximum ease of use and performance. One server based installation manages entire network segment of servers!


In production and use since 1998, IDP Login Checker for Citrix managed concurrent logons to single WinFrame servers only.


In 1998, we released "IDP Login Checker for Citrix.


 Our Mission


To save our clients time and money by providing best value technology solutions that yield the highest possible return on investment.


 Company Profile


Integrated Data Processing, Inc. has been providing " best value" integrated solutions since 1986.
(Incorporated 1992, formerly Rainoff & Company of VA)

Specializing in LAN's, WAN's, Internet and Intranet Systems, IDP saves companies money by delivering well thought out designs implemented by well executed plans. By getting the right products the first time, IDP's customers generally save as much as they buy from IDP. IDP manufactures a high quality line of custom engineered servers for Citrix, NT, Novell and Linux/Unix operating systems. Customers can purchase components and separate software or complete turnkey systems. IDP has designed and implemented Citrix and NT based systems for the US Government, companies like Florida Power & Light and CIII a division of the largest utility company in the country. IDP successfully designed and implemented a fourteen city plug and play WAN for SkyCourier/Airborne Express consisting of pre-configured Cisco routers. Small or large, all IDP's clients benefit from its commitment to the highest standards of quality and value.

As a technology partner to its customers, IDP enables the future success stories in business. Over the years, IDP has helped develop some of the first big successes on the Internet. In 1995, IDP helped develop one of the Internet's first success stories in the mortgage industry, American Finance & Investments. IDP helped manage not only its Internet systems and presence, but helped manage its entire IT infrastructure as well as developed custom software and provided technical advice. Although, AFI's success was based largely on the visionary leadership of Jack Rodgers, its president, IDP played a significant role as a technology partner. Seeing the success of Jack Rodgers and AFI, the entire mortgage industry awoke to new possibilities for doing business with its customers. Now, seven years later, just about every mortgage company does business on the Internet to some degree. IDP continues to provide the competitive edge its customers need every day. 
Well-versed on thousands of computing products, IDP's highly skilled staff goes the extra distance to ensure our customers obtain the best return on technology investments. Small systems to highly complex mixed environments are no problem for IDP.

IDP carries over 150,000 SKU's most of which are easily searchable and can be ordered on-line at
Integrated Data Processing, Inc. is headed up by Matthew J. Rainoff. Mr. Rainoff has over 17 years business management experience and is among the most knowledgeable people in the PC industry today. Mr. Rainoff contributed as the "Technical Editor" to the "FIFTH EDITION Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible" published by QUE, a division of Macmillan Computer Publishing USA in September 1999. Mr. Rainoff also co-founded the Technology Committee for the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. In addition to his vast PC hardware, software knowledge and experience; Mr. Rainoff is fluent in these programming languages: Xbase, Foxpro, Clipper, Visual Basic, VBScript, Perl, Java, JavaScript and C++. One of his current specialties is low level system programming in C++. He has authored five commercial software products including LogCheck2000 and ServerBoss, the standard in NT based server authorization technology.

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